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2024 Futera Nostalgia UNIQUE (World Soccer)

2024 Futera Nostalgia UNIQUE (World Soccer)

The NOSTALGIA collection is your gateway to a captivating journey through time. Celebrating over 20 years of iconic Futera UNIQUE football card designs, this collection is a tribute to the past while embracing the future, limited to a worldwide release of just 500 cases.

 The Futera NOSTALGIA UNIQUE collection offers you the chance to revisit history and experience the evolution of football memorabilia through modernised classics, our most celebrated designs and creations that pay homage to our rich heritage. This commemorative edition not only revives the essence of bygone eras, but also integrates contemporary elements, providing a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Featuring a curated selection of football cards that reflect the pinnacle of design and rarity, the collection includes on-card Autographs from legendary figures, game memorabilia from unforgettable matches and training sessions, and unique '1 of 1' cards. To add an extra layer of luxury, the collection also includes 23ct gold plated framed cards, highlighting the collection's elegance.

Inside The Box
Each pack from this exclusive collection is a story of football greatness. Packs include 5 premium Base Set cards plus a rare Parallel Base card plus a special insert that could be a card featuring a piece of the player's game or training memorabilia, or a player’s on-card Autograph, or a 23ct gold plated framed card, or even a ‘1 of 1’ card where only one of that particular card exists worldwide.
The Collection’s 120-card Base Set, parallel colour variants and variety of special inserts provide collectors and fans with a tangible connection to the sport and its iconic moments, with the opportunity to own unique pieces of football memorabilia and relive.

Touched by Greatness
Holding an Autograph Card which has been personally held and signed by a favorite football legend can be an incredibly personal and cherished experience for a fan or collector.
Cards from Futera Autograph Sets state where and when a player signed their card, providing an even stronger connection and authenticity to your collecting experience.
The pinnacle of our Collections - 23ct gold plated framed '1 of 1’ cards - is truly unmatched. Individually crafted, these cards may feature a player’s signature or a piece of memorabilia from their career. These are the ultimate prize for any collector, providing a unique possession for a collection.
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