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2023 Panini Donruss Soccer FIFA Women's World Cup, Hobby Blaster Box

2023 Panini Donruss Soccer FIFA Women's World Cup, Hobby Blaster Box

Every Box contains Three Parallels & Nine Inserts!

The inaugural FIFA Women's World Cup trading card release is coming!

Look for a 235-card base set including 35 short-printed cards of some of the tournament's top players.

Find one Hobby-exclusive Orange parallel per box.

Collect autographs of some of the top stars of the tournament. Autos fall 1:2 Hobby Blaster Boxes.

Hunt for the ultra-rare inserts National Landmarks, Team Badges, Intergalactic and Tazuni (mascot).


BASE SET: The 235-card base set is the cornerstone of the collection featuring players from all 32 teams in the tournament.

- Base Set
- Base Set Silver
- Base Set Red (#'d /299)
- Base Set Blue (#'d /99)
- Base Set Orange (#'d /49)
- Base Set Pink (#'d /23)
- Base Set Gold (#'d /10)
- Base Set Green (#'d /5)
- Base Set Black (#'d 1/1)

BASE SET SP: Cards 201-235 in the base set are short-printed. Look for them in numerous parallels.

BASE SET SP AUTOGRAPHS: Certain cards in Base Set SP will have autograph parallels!

- Base Set SP Autographs Silver
- Base Set SP Autographs Red (Max #'d /99)
- Base Set SP Autographs Gold (Max #'d /10)
- Base Set SP Autographs Green (Max #'d /5)
- Base Set SP Autographs Black (#'d 1/1)

INTERGALACTIC: Look for 4 limited inserts: Intergalactic, Team Badges, Tazuni (Mascot) and the fan-favorite National Landmarks!

STAR STATUS / PITCH QUEENS / NET MARVELS: Collect a roster of 4 different inserts: Star Status, Field Vision, Pitch Queens and Net Marvels.

- Star Status Red (#'d /299)
- Star Status Blue (#'d /99)
- Star Status Orange (#'d /49)
- Star Status Pink (#'d /23)
- Star Status Gold (#'d /10)
- Star Status Green (#'d /5)
- Star Status Black (#'d 1/1)

- Pitch Queens Red (#'d /299)
- Pitch Queens Blue (#'d /99)
- Pitch Queens Orange (#'d /49)
- Pitch Queens Pink (#'d /23)
- Pitch Queens Gold (#'d /10)
- Pitch Queens Green (#'d /5)
- Pitch Queens Black (#'d 1/1)

- Net Marvels Red (#'d /299)
- Net Marvels Blue (#'d /99)
- Net Marvels Orange (#'d /49)
- Net Marvels Pink (#'d /23)
- Net Marvels Gold (#'d /10)
- Net Marvels Green (#'d /5)
- Net Marvels Black (#'d 1/1)

6 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

Release Date: October 20th, 2023

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