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2023 Leaf Metal Baseball, Jumbo Box

2023 Leaf Metal Baseball, Jumbo Box


  • 10 Autographs, including 1 Jumbo-Exclusive Autograph, 1 Slabbed Proof, and 1 Toploaded Proof!
  • 4 Base cards


  • After a scorching 2022 release, Leaf is pleased to announce the latest Leaf Metal Baseball product for 2023!
  • Along with a checklist that includes the top prospects and draft picks in baseball, 2023 Leaf Metal Baseball will also feature some of the greatest legends and superstars in the game!
  • In addition to the return of popular autograph sets like Mystix and Fort Knox, you can find the new super-rare Anime Nation autographs, as well as brand-new Hobby-Exclusive Bull-Penned and Jumbo Exclusive Greenlight Autographs!
  • There will also be a brand-new Metal Baseball Base Set, with Parallels including Hobby and Jumbo exclusives!
  • Every Autograph and Base Parallel card in 2023 Leaf Metal Baseball will be numbered to 10 or less!

Configuration: 1 pack per box, 14 cards per pack

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