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2023 UD Skybox Metal Universe Champions, Blaster Box

2023 UD Skybox Metal Universe Champions, Blaster Box

Skybox Metal Universe Champions features a large number of domestic and international high-end prospects and young stars from a variety of sports. There are also a few sporting legends, media personalities and musicians. With diverse checklists, beautiful designs and a bevy of tantalizing chase cards, Skybox Metal Universe Champions provides one of the most exciting box and case breaks in the world of card collecting and is a favorite amongst collectors!

The base set consists of 100 regular cards - each sporting a unique background design provided by the team that created the original 1997-98 Metal Universe set - and 50 high-series All-Millennium cards (a new name and design for the high-series subset). 

Collectors can build two (2) Blaster-exclusive parallel sets: Aqua and Silver Dots (#’d to 299)!   
The 2023 edition sports a wide variety of intriguing inserts, including a few new additions:

  • NEW! Dark Matter: Lucky collectors will pull one of these super rare gems built on black soft touch stock! Several of the biggest names in the product are featured in this new insert.
  • Fresh Foundations: The checklist features only top prospects and young stars. Like the base set, this insert - which features a brand new design - boasts two Blaster-exclusive parallels: Aqua and Silver Dots (#’d to 299)!
  • Each pack will contain, on average, one (1) Aqua parallel card from the base set (including the high-series All-Millennium subset) or the Fresh Foundations insert set!
  • NEW! Gold Universe & High Voltage: Printed on pattern rainbow foilboard, both of these beautiful new sets feature several of the biggest names in the product.
  • Jambalaya: These iconic and rare cards sport a spectacular new design and the best-of-the-best athletes.
  • NEW! Retro 1998-99 Metal Universe Variants: This collection of cards features the top athletes from the base set on the 1998-99 Metal Universe base set design. Collect one (1) per box, on average!
  • Skybox Premium: A classic insert consisting of the top names from the base set. Collect one (1) per box, on average, and keep an eye out for two Blaster-exclusive parallels: Gold and Gold Auto. An autograph card from a legend, young star or top prospect will be an especially valuable addition to any collection!
  • Z-Force: The design of this popular set resembles a classic ’90’s Z-Force design. Each box will contain, on average, one (1) of these stellar cards!


Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.

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